How Interactive Fiction authors approach testing

This introductory video to Inform 7, an interactive fiction editor, is well worth watching for anyone who does automated software testing. The path labelling, automatic session recording and replay abilities are fantastic and something I wish I had in every development project. Tweet

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I accept the terms in the license agreement… I think

If you’ve signed up for a website or installed commercial software sometime in the last 10 years there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve been asked to read through a document that would give War and Peace a run for its money before then agreeing to its content. There’s also a pretty good chance that […]

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First impressions of the PS Vita

I’ve never owned a Sony console before, so I was quite surprised that I wanted to pick up the PS Vita. There was something about it that seemed to address a large number of my frustrations with the current state state of mobile gaming, so I picked one up on a whim (narrowly missing the […]