MineCraft Modding Resources

My 8 year old is an enthusiastic MineCraft player. It’s basically modern day Lego without the expense of buying thousands of dollars worth of plastic blocks. Over the last few months she has built up a fairly impressive town and is now approaching the point where she wants to do more. The various MineCraft video […]

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OmniGraffle: More than Meets the Eye

I first picked up OmniGraffle for the iPad last year, back when I had delusions about using my newly purchased iPad for work and before the device became a dedicated Dora the Explorer video player for my kids. The purchase price was pretty steep (~USD50, which was more like AUD70 at the time), but I […]

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Lip Service

The internet is a fast paced world where the general consensus about what is “cool” can change in instant, and the online software development community is no exception. Recent years have seen movements relating to topics such as craftsmanship, quality, and design spread like wildfire through the tubes, eventually crossing over into the real world […]